• 775 days (upto Dec 2013) have been dedicated to Ice Age Journeys, which is the equivalent of two calendar years or 3½ work years. The pie chart below shows this by activity.
  • The project recruits volunteers in ways that are open, and operates with practices that are ‘volunteer friendly’, resulting in consistent involvement by individuals.
  • Our volunteer numbers increased and the aim was for volunteers to feel that they were gaining new skills and/or building on existing skills.
  • The training/learning opportunities impacted on the individuals who have participated.

Working with local primary schools.

  • Working with school children is an important aspect of the Ice Age Journeys project.
  • The project devised and delivered teaching to ten  local primary schools about the site and assessed on how such teaching been received.
  •  Each session was of approximately two hours duration with approximately thirty children at each. Pupils aged 8 to 9 years (‘Year 4’) and 9 to 10 years (‘Year 5’) were the main recipients, with one school involving 10 to 11 year olds (‘Year 6’).
  • Six schools received one session and four schools received two sessions, so around 450 pupils have participated with IAJ in this way.